It’s almost time for summer vacation, but before we go, we’re going to take a look back at all the geeky goodness we’ve covered over the last 6 months. That’s right, it’s a season finale! We’ll update our opinions on some of our favourite (and least favourite) series, movies and games from our first nineteen episodes. We run the gamut from podcasts to movies to card games to soundtracks we’ve discovered (or abandoned) through the show. Because we couldn’t leave without some new stuff, we dissect season 2 and the finale of Legion. And in our final take-home top 3, Chris talks about some of his earliest and favourite comics.

Have an awesome summer - we’ll be back soon with Season Two!

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Thanks to K’Bana Blaq for permission to use the song Punk in our intro.

Legion Season 2 Finale

The Incredibles 2

Shux 2018

The best comic book, ever. Period. 

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