Chris has been keeping up with Season 2 Of Legion, but Darren has not. Darren’s caught up on Westworld season 2 but Chris isn’t. We give each other (and you) a spoiler-free review of these two great shows. Meanwhile, Darren binge watched the second half of Agents of Shield season 5 on the promise of a great crossover with Agengers : Infinity War - find out if he was delighted or disappointed. Chris played the card-drafting game Treasure Hunterwe run down the Geek News of the week, and the Take Home Top 3 has us both reminiscing about the days when we played with toys (or at least when it was more socially acceptable for us to be playing with toys).

Thanks to K’Bana Blaq for permission to use the song Punk in our intro.



Agents of Shield

Treasure Hunter

Game of Thrones : Prequel Series

A Second Joker Stand Alone Movie?

Kingsman and Kick-Ass : An Extended Universe

Kevin Smith Writing Hit Girl Arc

Vans X Marvel

Cloak and Dagger (Showcase doesn’t have a link yet)


Smash Up Derby

Star Wars :Death Star Playset (Barbie’s Dream House for Geeks)


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