Take a trip back in time with us to the first ever recorded but previously unreleased episode of the Totally Sort of Podcast.  Chris is still away so Darren dug this gem out of the vault. As far as gems go it is pretty unpolished - hear the slight hum of the poor sound quality, the creaking of Chris’s chair, Darren rubbing his hands together way too close to the mic and other signs of two guys with microphones taking their first leap into the wonderful world of podcasting.  Or, if you don’t want to cringe along with us, come back next week when we will be back to new episodes which hopefully evidence some modicum of improvement from this early recording.

Thanks to K’Bana Blaq for allowing us to us his song Punk as our Intro Song.

All the guitar interludes were done by our good friend Dan McKenna and you should go buy, download or stream his debut album Willow Tree right now from iTunes, Spotify or Google Play. Someday we hope to find time to take him up on his generous offer to create a custom musical theme for the podcast.

Looking Glass Escape Rooms

The Toys That Made Us

Agents of Shield

Disney Acquiring Fox’s Film and Television Division

The Shape of Water

Star Realms

Halcyon Six

Fallout Four

Witcher Three

Lords of Waterdeep


Dead of Winter

Massive Darkness

Unstable Unicorns

No Such Thing as a Fish

Under the Influence

The Dark Crystal


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