Chris is away on vacation but never fear, we still have a podcast for you.  No new consumables, but we finally wrap up the Tournament of Fools. Who wi...View Details

Episode 13 - Travelling!

This week the lads are talking B-Ball and Nashville, hopping bodies back into the Netflix show Altered Carbon, and taking some shots at Zack Snyder’s ...View Details

Chris and Darren have both seen all of Jessica Jones season 2 so it must be time for a review - a spoiler filled one so be warned. Darren talks about ...View Details

This week on the podcast there’s a lot of nostalgia because Roseanne is back on TV, Ready Player One is in Theatres and Chris’s Take Home Top 3 assign...View Details

On this episode, Darren and Chris catch up on some not-so-new releases - Bright and It. Chris got to play Mythic Battles: Pantheon and Darren fills us...View Details

Darren gets all serious about Snakes and Lattes while Chis completes an epic board game. A family movie from a classic novel and a unique horror film ...View Details

Because Infinity is too big to fit into a regular episode, here's our first mini-episode! Or is that a baby episode? A teaser episode? Darren and Chri...View Details

Our intrepid duo catch up on a lot of comic book movies and TV, with one notable omission. Check out our thoughts on the return of Jessica Jones and T...View Details

How much is too much? Chris thinks Dark earned its Grimm Preis. Darren bemoans when simple games (like Tsuro) get too big for their britches, and Chri...View Details

It's a bit of a comic-themed week! Darren catches us up on Legends of Tommorow, Arrow, and Supergirl and a great podcast about vintage comic book ads....View Details

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